May starts

May has arrived. And the mountain has disappeared! A thick sea mist has rolled in enveloping us in a grey cloud. It’s a little strange but rather suitable for a Level 4 response to the Covid virus.

I wrote that yesterday on May 1st. The second day of May has started identically. And everything is dead quiet!

Getting bored

Life has ground to a halt. The world outside is eerily quiet but so is that inside! We have our Internet, thank goodness. How on earth did people cope in the old days with no post, no telephone, no email. We are really not living dramatically differently from the past but our inability to go anywhere, even if we didn’t go there in the past, is having a curiously debilitating effect. We are in a short phrase “getting bored.”

Climate change bites

The Wall Street Journal reports that PG&E, California’s largest utility, has declared bankruptcy because of its inability to cope with the costs of climate change. This rather stunning news is expected by observers to repeat itself in coming months. PG&E’s immediate problem appears to be the wildfires that its power lines have caused in its tinder dry surroundings.

Young non-voters

I learned this morning that the percentage of young people in the United States between the ages of 18 and 29 who actually vote is just 16 percent — yes, that’s not a typo — just 16 percent of them go to the polls. I have no idea which way the country would swing if they all voted but I think that I do know that we are not a functioning democracy without their vote.

Brett Kavanaugh

The process by which this man was appointed leaves us feeling absolutely aghast. We like to think that if he were truly innocent that he would have mandated full disclosure of all his records and called for a full FBI enquiry. If he truly has nothing to hide, then why not. The fact that he wants his past concealed speaks volumes – against him. A sad day for America.