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Enron: Guilty as charged

So Messrs. Lay and Skilling are guilty. The frustrating part of this case and others of its ilk is that the original charge has never been addressed. This, like WorldCom and many others, was described as a case involving accounting fraud. Yet, nothing about accounting was said at any of these trials. Was Jedi legal? We never heard anything about that. The case came down to whether they were overblowing the results of the company. Call it a disclosure case. Nothing, though about accounting.

The harrowing human side of this outcome is the effect on the two families. Two couples go in to court. Two wives will never see their husbands free again. Punishment may well be a necessary evil, but let us not forget that these are humans like ourselves, children of God like ourselves, subject to all the frailties of humanity like ourselves. They and their families will pay bitterly for their crimes. It is a sad day for all of us, those who were hurt by their actions and for those who did the hurting.

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