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Is the world going to hell?

The world is forever changing and the older generation is forever complaning about the younger generation. So what’s new? Or, is there something new in the air? Is the status quo in the process of changing? And is it changing in ways that will hurt those currently at the top? America has had a long run – in modern terms – as the top dog in the world economy. Is that coming to an end? Will it end smoothly? Or will there be an abrupt rupture in which a lot of people of get hurt? Of course, lowering American’s standard of living is not exactly the end of the world although it will be the end of the world as Americans see it. Will Asia take over from where America left off? WIll they build a better world? Or, and this is the “hell”scenario, will our insatiable appetite for carbon-based energy fuel so much global, climate instability that much of the world become uninhabitable. These thought float in the back of my head and in the coming weeks and months, I plan to tease out what I think we know abouit various pieces of this puzzle. Your thoughts are always welcome.

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