A parable?

Drawing out from a church parking lot this morning, the lady opposite me did so almost simultaneously. We both stopped quickly and I drew back into my parking spot to allow her to continue to back out, which she did. She apparently thought that we had touched because she stopped her car after getting out of her spot and walked around to the back of her car to see whether there was any damage. Seeing none, she drove off — without worrying to see whether my car had sustained any damage. Apparently, if her car was OK, then all was well with the world. God had apparently looked after His own.

Discrimination or discernment


I was asked to teach a lesson on gay marriage. I elected to lead a discussion on the larger topic of  discrimination and, in particular, the question: When, if ever, is it appropriate to impose our religious beliefs on others? And, its mirror, when if ever is it appropriate for others to impose their beliefs on us. These brief notes are my summary points from that discussion. Clearly, this topic deserves a book and not a page! Continue reading