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Caught the tail end

Coming home last night, I just caught the tail end of the second presidential debate. I was so glad that I had been working and was unable to hear the rest of the debate, which would have just left me even more depressed about the two candidates and the electoral process. The piece that I caught was about whether we would bomb Iran, if it attacked Israel.

The answer that came from both candidates was absolutely yes and they would go ahead unilaterally and without a UN vote because they worried the China and Russia might veto the proposed bombing campaign. When, I wonder, will someone stand up and explain to the American people that there is no money in the cash register to engage in another war. When will someone stand up and explain that this economy keeps running only because we are able to borrow from the Chinese and the Arabs. When will someone stand up and explain that as a result of our profligate ways, we are no longer master of our fates. We cannot move anymore without the permission of the Chinese and others to whom we owe our way of life. If we move on Iran and China decides to suspend its investments and Saudi its oil, this country would very, very rapidly collapse. Once upon a time, we sold more than we bought and we produced more energy than we used. Those days are long gone and with it our ability to act alone in the world. Someone needs to tell the American people the truth. But neither of these candidates will.

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