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Tax free services

Dallas had a record snow fall this month — an unheard of 12 inches — which caused huge destruction of trees everywhere in the city. Everywhere one goes in the city one sees piles of debris stacked high on the sidewalk. Who is going to pick this stuff up? And who is going to pay for it? Everyone from the most conservative Republican to the most progressive Democrat has simply dumped their brush wood on the street expecting that someone else will come along and pick it up. The much maligned guv’mint perhaps or maybe the tooth fairy? I’ve yet to hear anyone suggest that we should pay a special levy to have this trash collected. Some amorphous “other” will pick it all up — apparently for free — why should we pay. (Yes we did pay taxes but those don’t cover the costs of a record breaking snow fall. That was NOT in the city’s budget. Picking up all this extra trash will mean that someone will get laid off next year or some program will be underfunded. But, that’s not our problem.) I think it is emblematic of much that ails our society today.

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