Fiscal fundamentalists (The Economist)

Fiscal Fundmenalists (August 12th, 2010) is the title of an article in The Economist that tracks the debate between two economists Lawrence Kotlikoff and James Galbraith. Kotlikoff has developed a method of generational accounting in which he compares the forecasted outlays of government with its forecasted income and shows in the process that baby-boomers have voted themselves benefits that far, far exceed any possible hope of their realization, which would come at the expense of their children and grandchildren. Galbraith disputes the methodology, in particular, the lack of inflation in Kotlikoff’s models. But, as The Economist notes both men share the same concern. Continue reading

Earthly stories

Our Sunday School class has been studying the parables found in Luke’s gospel using Eugene Peterson’s Tell it Slant. I find myself musing on the challenges these parables present from a variety of different angles. I’ll come back to the question of “Who is our neighbor?” another time. Right now, I’m pondering on the basic definition of the parable and their use as a teaching device by Jesus. Continue reading