I was listening to someone recently essentially criticizing someone else who had become addicted to drugs. While I am not suggesting, of course, that drug addiction is anything other than totally destructive, I was struck by our unwillingness to recognize how addicted we all are to one thing or another. Continue reading

Global Warming: So what?

A recent article in Nature reported in the Washington Post asserts that the recent environmental disasters around the world cannot be attributed solely to the normal fluctuations in the weather but bear the imprint of human-induced climate change. For those of us who live in places like Texas where the “disaster” amounted to a very pleasant week off from school, one might well ask, “So what. If this is what global warming means then we can live with it.” Of course, the sad part is that those who bear the brunt of the effects of climate change are not those who, many scientists believe, are responsible for its cause. Until the effects of climate change are felt at home, there is no incentive to change; and by the time the effects of climate change are felt at home, it will be too late to change.

Strange politics

The politics of the past week are stranger than the weather. There is no question that we face a huge financial problem in this country. Equally unless we tackle the entitlements and in particular Medicare and Medicaid then there is no solution in sight. Talking about slashing the budget for one’s pet peeve — a million here, a million there — does absolutely nothing. I laughed at one new Congresswoman who apparently told CPAC that she did not understand how Washington worked and frankly did not care. I doubt that more than a handful understand how the budget really works — but I suspect that a majority don’t really care. It is sad days for a (once) great country. The one bright spot was that Progressives and Tea Partiers did kill a defense program — but one that Gates had threatened to kill himself if Congress did not — so while $500 million was cut from defense it was a strange victory.

Strange Weather

Beautiful day today here in Dallas. But we are told that there is a 100% chance of snow tomorrow. The car was filled with gas today and we have bought in groceries so we are ready for whatever comes our way. Someone said thank goodness for global warming, meaning of course that this cold weather disproved that “theory.” why do humans have such difficulty in integrating facts into their system? Despite the recent cold, the facts are that 2010 ties with 2005 as the warmest year on record. The cold is merely a blip on an upward curve.

Snow day

Back home and we are being blessed by a light dusting of snow. Hard to believe we were paddling in the warm sunshine less than two weeks ago and now we are looking out on a -5C day. What is there about snow that is so attractive? The white blanket makes the world look quite magical. Ours is less than 1/2 inch deep but it is enough to create an illusion of real snow. As I type, a black kitty with a patch of white on his chest is running across our white lawn and the contrast is almost like the races in My Fair Lady. It is all just magic.