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I was listening to someone recently essentially criticizing someone else who had become addicted to drugs. While I am not suggesting, of course, that drug addiction is anything other than totally destructive, I was struck by our unwillingness to recognize how addicted we all are to one thing or another.

  • We went out to lunch yesterday and came home stuffed to the gills. It is almost impossible to go anywhere these days and get a medically approved portion of food. And the results are to be seen everywhere. Our addition to food is leading to obesity that threatens to destroy the nation’s financial fabric by overloading it with people who have diabetes, need knee replacements, need statins, and on and on. In some ways our addiction to food is almost worse than an addiction to drugs; the latter harms the individual, the former harms all of us.
  • We are addicted to oil. We drive long distances in large cars without giving a thought to what we are doing to the air and whether the supply is infinite or not.
  • Many of us are addicted to our morning coffee, which requires gallons of increasingly precious water to produce.

In short, we all have our addictions and giving them up is hard to do. It is easier to criticize the addiction of others than it is to fix one’s own addictions.

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