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Steve Jobs – Team builder

The passing of Steve Jobs yesterday brought forth a number of great tributes to his genius. He was the creator of Apple, they said. He was the mastermind at Apple, they said. He single-handedly brought Apple back from the dead. Every product passed through his hands, they said. And so it went — understandably. But what was missing in all these tributes was one that called him the great team builder.

  • Apple was not founded by Jobs alone but with his early partner, the other Steve better known as Woz Wozniak.
  • Much of the beauty and simplicity that we associate with Apple products depended on Jonathan Ive.
  • To get those beautiful products from design, to manufacturing, to the store Jobs relied upon the genius of Tim Cook the new CEO.
  • Then there was Ron Johnson, Apple’s retail chief, who invented the genius bar and has now moved on to JC Penney.
  • Add to those names Scott Forstall who leads development of Apple’s mobile software, Bob Mansfield who runs hardware engineering, and Peter Oppenheimer who is chief financial officer.

This team built by Jobs meets regularly on Monday mornings to discuss strategy and has been together for years. As Cook said back in January, “The team here has an unparalleled breadth and depth of talent and a culture of innovation that Steve has driven in the company.” So tip your hat to Steve Jobs the team builder as well as all the other things.

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