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ObamaCare & SCOTUS

ObamaCare is flawed. No question about that. But when one side gets to push its own agenda while the other side refuses to participate, then flawed is the result. But that’s not the issue. The real issue that neither party will face up to is that as long as OUR generation continues to cash in at the expense of the next and refuses to pay taxes for the services that it enjoys then we have a fiscal disaster looming before us. Benefits have to be cut and taxes have to be raised. As long as one side refuses to raise taxes and the other side refuses to cut benefits then no progress is possible and disaster draws closer. Given that, today’s decision by the Supreme Court was irrelevant in the larger scale of things. What does matter is whether we begin to tackle the cost of healthcare.

There are lots of great ideas out there. Some proposed by Republicans such as our own local think tank and some proposed by Democrats. I fear, though, that we shall spend the next 6 months flailing around at one another crying “Repeal” or “Don’t Repeal” and what really matters will get ignored. And that’s largely because our generation won’t face up to the fact that death is inevitable. We want eternal life but we aren’t prepared to pay for it.

All that said, I am fascinated when nine intelligent people can get together in one room, effectively, but cannot agree on the meaning of the words in the Constitution. As I said before the decision, no matter how this comes out, it will be seen as a political decision and not a legal decision. Already the airwaves are full of cries about the treason Justice Roberts has committed by going over to the liberal side. Saner voices will no doubt surface in the academic literature but currently all I hear is that the “liberals” won. No-one is acknowledging that the law was followed here. And truth be told, if it had gone the other way, liberals would have been claiming that the Court had sided with the Republicans and not followed the law. It is all liberal versus conservative in the news and not a question of the law. I find that sad and think that it does a grave disservice to the respect in which we should hold the Supreme Court.

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