South Africa challenges one

We have returned recently from a trip to South Africa. It is all somewhat discombobulating to return from there to the USA. One drives to the airport in Cape Town past some truly dreadful slums with tense of thousands of people living in tin shacks. One drives home from the airport in Dallas past some of the greatest mansions in the country. The contrast is stunning. Continue reading

Happy New Year

I noticed that it is some 6 months since I last contributed a thought to these pages. One good reason is that I am the only one who reads them. The other, not so good reason, is sheer laziness. Regardless of who else reads this stuff, writing it out is a good exercise for my brain. My personal task remains the same: How to apply my faith to the issues of the day? And its corollary, how the issues of the day affect my faith.So let me see what I can do in 2013.