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I am thinking that it is time for me to say what I can about the sequestration that began on Friday last. I will be tackling the topic from a variety of angles but the bottom line is simple (a) we have a serious problem and (b) the foolish and thoughtless acts of Congress do nothing to address the real problem but actually aggravate it.The problem that we face is straightforward: Americans, just like Greeks, Italians, French and others are unwilling to pay for the government that they want. We want Social Security, Medicare, safe skies, a reliable food supply and so on but we refuse to pay for these things.

This unwillingness to pay for our desired government — and note the desired there — is currently being severely aggravated by the aging of the baby boomers and the fact that we are having fewer and fewer children.

I will tackle each of these issues in the posts that follow. You can find them all summarized in my Wiki.

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