A door closes

Well  the final day arrived and I have taught my last class — at least here in Dallas. Will I teach again somewhere else? Perhaps if the opportunity arises. Perhaps a semester at sea? Perhaps a semester in some  beauty spot somewhere. It is all quite exciting. I am teaching undergraduate and graduate students who will all graduate in two weeks. So my emotions are not very different from theirs. One feels a little nervous about leaving the familiar, a little nostalgic about leaving the nest so to speak, but at the same time rather thrilled to be moving on into new uncharted waters.

So do I start my new life by working on another accounting book? Its going to be written. The only question is whether it should be first? I have two theology books in my head. I am inclined to begin with one of those since it would make for a more radical break from my immediate past. It might make it feel like a window really was opening. But who knows? The one thing that I know that I don’t want to do is to just vegetate.