IT Woes

It seems to me that one can rightly criticize a president for being stupid enough to make promises that he cannot keep. A standard rule of thumb is to never make a promise that you can’t keep. So why be so foolish as to promise that everyone can keep their insurance plan before checking that this is a cast-iron promise. It also seems to me that one cannot hold a one-time law professor turned president responsible for the woes of a website. The blame for that lies elsewhere, surely. One wonders whether this was a deliberate act of sabotage by conservative programmers to make the president look back. The alternative is even worse. Have we become so incompetent as a nation that we can’t even get a website going? Yes, it is a difficult task but surely not one beyond American ingenuity. Or must one sadly conclude that we no longer have the expertise to build a sophisticated website? WIth great reluctance, I am beginning to lean toward that dismal conclusion.

Facebook fading?

Today’s New York Times wonders whether Facebook is fading. My own experience is definitely. I have dozens of friends who have stopped contributing. Birthdays bring out greetings as do weddings and births. But apart from those announcements, contributions from most people are few and far between. I was surprised recently to discover how many of my young friends were on Twitter and how few were contributing to Facebook. My own sense then is that this is not the time to be buying shares in Facebook. Of course, I might yet be surprised.

The future November 2013

So where are we going?  The Economist talks about huge water shortages in China and decaying old cities in Britain. Elsewhere there is talk of the hollowing out of the middle class. One senses a complete lack of strategic thinking to meet these long term problems. Or if some are thinking about it, the average Joe is not interested in implementing a solution.