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IT Woes

It seems to me that one can rightly criticize a president for being stupid enough to make promises that he cannot keep. A standard rule of thumb is to never make a promise that you can’t keep. So why be so foolish as to promise that everyone can keep their insurance plan before checking that this is a cast-iron promise. It also seems to me that one cannot hold a one-time law professor turned president responsible for the woes of a website. The blame for that lies elsewhere, surely. One wonders whether this was a deliberate act of sabotage by conservative programmers to make the president look back. The alternative is even worse. Have we become so incompetent as a nation that we can’t even get a website going? Yes, it is a difficult task but surely not one beyond American ingenuity. Or must one sadly conclude that we no longer have the expertise to build a sophisticated website? WIth great reluctance, I am beginning to lean toward that dismal conclusion.

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