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What’s up with us?

So the Affordable Care Act’s website is a disaster. One can heap coals on the president’s head for pushing this legislation through but what makes us think that he is responsible for designing a website? Is it not incredibly sad that this once great nation can no longer put up a website? What has happened to our expertise that was once the envy of the world? And what has gone wrong with our politics that half the nation will stand by and gleefully rejoice that we no longer have the expertise to build a computer system? Should we not feel ashamed of ourselves that we can no longer do what other nations take for granted? Add to that the shocking news that senior naval officers were routinely selling naval secrets to foreigners for personal gain? These are the men we are supposed to salute? These are the men who will sell their country down the road for a fling with a prostitute? What is happening to us as a people?

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