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Low-tech credit cards

We are a funny country. In some ways we are the most advanced – and in other ways not so. Our TV, for instance, has improved but for years we used to marvel at the reception that people got in Africa compared to that we got in Dallas. I still marvel at the speed of the Internet in English homes compared with that provided by Time Warner. Today’s newspaper brought an article about how we are one of the last in the world to adopt smart-chip credit cards. This makes us an easy target for scams like those at Target (pun intended). We’ve attributed our lag to being the first to adopt, enabling others to learn from our experience. I wonder, sometimes, whether it isn’t part of our insular approach. We assume we are the best in the world and just can’t imagine that folks in Singapore might have it much better than we do. Being the best means that we don’t try to copy from them. What could there be to copy?! Your thoughts?!

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