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Pot-head good life

There was a fascinating oped piece in the NYTimes by David Brooks on the Colorado marijuana experiment.  It was not so much his comments on how he and his friends had outgrown the weed, but his comments on what constituted the good life – of which the weed was not a part in his opinion. As he sees it our goal is to become “more integrated, coherent and responsible people. This process” he says, “usually involves using the powers of reason, temperance and self-control — not qualities one associates with being high.” He then goes further and links these admirable virtues to happiness. As he then says, “The deeper sources of happiness usually involve a state of going somewhere, becoming better at something, learning more about something, overcoming difficulty and experiencing a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.” In found the connection  between his comments that focused on the work dimension and those of AEI that covered faith, family, friends as well as work interesting and worth exploring further.

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