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Is politics completely irrational?

Do people and their representatives do any real thinking about issues? Or is politics nothing but a power struggle between (greedy but Christian) Republicans and (irresponsible and pagan) Democrats? Take the mindless healthcare issue for example:
People seem to argue that healthcare is not a fundamental right. But when they or their kids is injured or falls ill, they are the first to run to the nearest hospital where they expect to be treated. They may not “believe” it is a right but they sure treat it as a right!
These same people seem to think that they save money if they don’t buy healthcare insurance or pay for someone else’s healthcare insurance. But they expect the hospital to be there when they need it. And they don’t seem to realize that the “free” care of their neighbor is paid for by their own taxes. In fact requiring people to buy their own healthcare insurance like they buy car insurance, will reduce the financial burden of the taxpayer.
In other words, if we all expect to find medical care at hand whenever we need it then the question is not whether people should be required to buy insurance, but rather what is the most cost-effective way to deliver the care that people expect.
All the evidence seems to suggest that prevention is much less costly than cure. We would all save money if we could prevent disease. So, one would think that business people who are supposedly Republican in their orientation would be all in favor of universal healthcare with and emphasis on prevention. But no, they vote against their own economic interests! So back to my opening question: Is politics completely irrational?

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