Just read that a number of white union members voted for Trump. That’s not terribly surprising but it does make me wonder whether we are witnessing a realignment of the parties. Will workers, disenchanted with the effect of globalism on their lives, shift to the Republican Party. Will the elites who have benefited mightily from globalism all move to the Democratic Party? Will we have the French Revolution all over again with Republicans dragging the aristocrats to the gray lady?

Reading the bones

Analyses are coming out slowly. It would appear that Trump won the white vote by a large margin while Clinton won the non-white vote by an equally large margin. The vast majority of evangelicals turned out for Trump, which I find particularly abhorrent. A majority of those with college degrees voted for Clinton; a majority of those without college degrees voted for Trump. The Rust Belt, normally Democratic, went Republican. Apparently, the turnout of Democratic voters was down while that of Republican voters was up. One now learns that Clinton has won the popular vote by some 2 million voters, an astonishing number.

President Donald J. Trump

We have just watched his very gracious acceptance speech. Who would ever have thought that Donald Trump would be President Donald Trump? Who would ever have thought that he would sweep the country? As the Washington Post has just said “he did it by completely blowing up the electoral map and all of our projections and expectations of it.” More than one pollster and their fancy programs are wondering just what happened and how it was that they got it so wrong. No doubt long analyses will follow and we’ll learn just how all the models were so far off. What a day!