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In the news

This is a series of short squibs describing news items that I thought were of interest.

August 2017

Roger Cohen describes the desperate plight of refugees in Australia — really shameful, given that Australia was founded by convicts deported from Britain.

July 2017 and earlier

About 100 million people failed to vote in the recent presidential election, almost half the number of registered voters.

Trump voters might want to get rid of Obamacare but their proposed alternatives suffer from all the defects of the system that they want to cancel. In short, there are no free lunches when it comes to health care.

Will Trump be impeached and replaced by the more malleable Vice-President?

The Washington Post on why she lost. Politico blames her loss on complacency essentially.  John Cassidy takes his turn musing why the pollsters got it so wrong — he muses but doesn’t really come to a conclusion except to say that when the polls are wrong then the models get it wrong.

Stephen Friedman worries that the American upset could happen in South Africa. He sees the same elite versus the proletariat here as in the States. Is another revolution brewing?

What worries me more than Trump is the rise of the alt-right. Andrew Marantz explores how things that we thought were unmentionable, like racist statements and the size of the president’s penis, have now become mentionable.