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Introducing me and this blog

Time, once again, to restart this blog and use it to cover a plethora of things that catch my interest in hopes that you my reader will respond. This blog is intended for my opinions, which I can summarize broadly as the role of faith in political and economic issues.

I have another blog at mondayfaith.com where I tackle issues with a more religious focus. And, I have a related webpage at michael.vanbreda.org where I try to develop themes as opposed to more disconnected topics on the events of the day that is all that a WordPress blog permits. That is where you will also find my class notes from my teaching days.

I was an accounting professor for many years. Before that I was in business. I hail from South Africa originally, lived in the States for many years, but have recently returned to live in Cape Town.

My blogging style is to try to present facts and avoid “politics.” Time and again you will hear me say that good people can disagree on how to solve this problem or that. What I think we should all come to agree on is the nature of the problem. I say this knowing that sometimes the “facts” are not all known. Good people can disagree on whether the Great Depression would have ended with government policy or whether it was the war that brought it to a close. But, at least we should be able to have a conversation about what facts we do have. I am a scientist at heart and believe that we should follow the facts and changes in our understanding of the facts and not allow prejudice get in the way.

My approach to life might be described as ethical or religious. I have a conviction that we have a responsibility for one another, for our children and grandchildren and for our environment. I have written and will be writing some more on topics related to this concern including issues such as climate change, the energy future, nature conservation and the like.

I have discovered that there are themes that run through my blog. I am going to try to link my thoughts from my blogs over the years to create a single page, as it were, on one topic. For example, I talked 10 years ago about how our tolerance could be perceived by others as in-tolerance on our part. That theme as recently resurfaced in the light of the expulsion of the American Episcopal church from the Anglican Communion. So, here is what I said on “liberal intolerance” in 2006 and here is what I said on a similar topic very recently in 2016. So, I plan to recycle some of my old blogs bringing them up to date for 2016.

One thought on “Introducing me and this blog

  1. Hello Professor van breda…my name is Martha Duncan. I am the daughter of Elwood and Marion Lindell. I wanted to let you know that my parents both passed away a couple of weeks ago. My father requested that I contact you. Please reply to email. Thank you.

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